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Wrong Compiler Option

Rajesh Kishore's picture

Hi all,
I am using Qt 4.2.2 with VC++ 8.0 & OCC 6.1 and getting the folllowing compile time error:
1>c:\OpenCASCADE6.1.0\ros\inc\Standard_values.h(22) : fatal error C1189: #error : "Wrong compiler options has been detected. Add /DWNT option for proper compilation!!!!!"

What could be the probable reason?

Rajesh Kishore's picture

I got the answer, i have to use
in Qt's project file.
Thanks all.

Amit Kumar bedaka's picture


I have got the solution for erroe C1189 using below link:

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Amir,

I would like to draw you attention that the specified workaround is broken by design.

Related usage issue has been already fixed in OCCT by elimination of redundant macros WNT, LIN (and some others):

This change will be available in ongoing OCCT 7.0 release.

Best regards


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