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viewer on mac

Daniel Neander's picture


I am trying to view something with opencascade on mac, unfortunately I cannot find any examples of the occ viewer or opengl or anything that works on mac. The qt examples in occ/samples/qt all have the familiar error's connected to the mac. For example
device = new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice();
is specifically for windows.

Has anyone been successful in viewing? With any type of viewer?
And if you have had success, could you give me an example of it?


Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Daniel,
Have a look, please at Qt samples in OCCT 6.6.0, they demonstrate use of 3d viewer on Mac with Cocoa. See also section 'Porting' of the OCCT 6.6.0 Release Notes.

Daniel Neander's picture

Thankyou,I have only been able to find the xlib/glx sample.
I can't seem to find a cocoa example. Could you tell me exactly where in samples

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Daniel,
You can find it at ../OpenCASCADE660ros/samples/qt/
(see OCCT Universal source package).

Daniel Neander's picture

found it thanks