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Tcl problem with source

Robert Boehne's picture

I am attempting to port all of OCC to Alpha/OSF1.
The problem is that the version of tcl I have is 8.0.2 which doesn't define Tcl_ExitProc. So I get the error identifier "Tcl_ExitProc" is undefined. Recently someone posted the statement that OCC will be using 8.2 in all releases in the future.
Does that apply here? I checked the CVS log for this particular file, and it has never been modified.
So what version of TCL should I be using?


Jean Rahuel's picture

The previous version of CasCade was running on DEC-OSF with

Best Regards,

Jean Rahuel

Robert Boehne's picture

OK, found the problem. It was that I had the line -I/freeware/include in the cxx line two times. The second occurance removed the first. I now have this fixed and have compiled all the source on OSF1. The problem I now have is that WOK doesn't seem to work on any platform. I wonder if there is anyone out there (not at Matra) who has WOK working?

Giorgio Scorzelli's picture

I'm trying to work on it in Linux Redhat and in Windows 2000.

And I have a lot of error message.

I think that the problem could be solved if you (Matra) try to support the Tcl/Tk 8.2 instead of old version.

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