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'Standard_ShortReal.hxx': No such file or directory

Anonymous's picture

Hi all
When ever I compile any sample programme the following error occurs,
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Standard_ShortReal.hxx': No such file or directory
Error executing cl.exe.
Please help me removing this error.

Patrik Müller's picture


have you added the include dir from OCC to your VC settings?



Siddhartha's picture

Hi Patric
I have included C:\OPENCASCADE5.2\ROS\INC in my VC++ settings i.e.
C:\OPENCASCADE5.2\ROS\INC is appearing in the list
if this is not sufficient please tell me what else could be done in this regard.

Patrik Müller's picture


there's a tool->Options->Directories a ComboBox for showing the kind of directories. You have add the inc dir to "Include-files".



zz's picture

Same Q is sicking me.

Dan's picture

same :)

Volodymyr vvv's picture

Hi. I have the same issue in VS 2013, and I can't find tool->Options->Directories. Can somebody help me?

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