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Ruled Surface

Anonymous's picture

Hi evry body,
I have two planar topods_wire, how can i make a ruled surface(or other parametric surface) by them.
Thanks for any help.

Roman Lygin's picture

Hi Tony,

BRepFill::Face (edge1, edge2) or BRepFill::Shell (wire1, wire2) is likely what you are looking for. You need to make sure the wires have the same number of edges.

Good luck.

Tony's picture

Hi Roman,
Thank you for your response.
I checked BRepFill::Face(E1,E2) and my edges are closed. but it didn't fill the area between two edge as a parametric face. It just filled the outer edge.

Tony's picture

Hi Roman,
The function dosent fill the area like what I expect and it swings badly.
I wish a function that fill the area between two edge in terms of their nearest point not in terms of their parameters.
Thanks for any Idea

Francois Lauzon's picture

Hi Tony,
Do you mean the face created is twisted? If that's the case, you might just reverse the orientation (edge.Reverse(); ) of one your edge before doing the Fill operation.

Good Luck.

Tony's picture

Hi Francois,
If the edge be open that will be ok, but both of my edges are closed and reversing the parameters will not do any good. actually both of my edges were topods_wire that aproximated with Approx_Curve3d. So, do you have another idea to solve this problem?
Best Regards,

Francois Lauzon's picture

Hi Tony,
There are some algorythm in the BRepFill package (look at the documentation in BRepFill.cdl) that will fill between two wire (maybe you could use your previous wire, or create temporary one with you approximated edge). Some other algorythm could be found in GeomFill (look at GeomFill.cdl). Look at the cdl file for documentation and detail about using the algorythm, for example GeomFill_Pipe.cdl, you could create a pipe between two section curves and a path (in your case a line connecting your two edges).

Good Luck,

Vaclav Smilauer's picture

Is there a way to find out the parametric orientation of each of these Geom_Curves, for the purpose of GeomFill::Surface, so that one of them can be Reversed() if it is needed? Thanks.

P G's picture

use D0/D1 to know the tangent vector at a parameter on a curve .
- gpr

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