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A question about gp_Trsf::SetValues()?

Albert's picture

The declare of gp_Trsf::SetValues (from help doc) is below:
void SetValues (const Standard_Real a11, const Standard_Real a12, const Standard_Real a13, const Standard_Real a14, const Standard_Real a21, const Standard_Real a22, const Standard_Real a23, const Standard_Real a24, const Standard_Real a31, const Standard_Real a32, const Standard_Real a33, const Standard_Real a34, const Standard_Real Tolang, const Standard_Real TolDist)
I know the meaning of the former twelve parameters, but not the last two. When using this function, I don’t know how to set those value. When I set Tolang and TolDist both with 0, my shape disappeared after set its location with gp_Trsf object. Sombody explain? Thanks!

Lodyzhensky's picture

Dear Albert.

The answer was right under very nose.

Please have a look the file gp_Trsf.cdl
SetValues(me : in out;
a11, a12, a13, a14,
a21, a22, a23, a24,
a31, a32, a33, a34 : Real;
Tolang, TolDist : Real)

---Purpose: Sets the coefficients of the transformation. The
-- transformation of the point x,y,z is the point
-- x',y',z' with :
-- x' = a11 x + a12 y + a13 z + a14
-- y' = a21 x + a22 y + a23 z + a24
-- z' = a31 x + a32 y + a43 z + a34
-- Tolang and TolDist are used to test for null
-- angles and null distances to determine the form of
-- the transformation (identity, translation, etc..).

Albert's picture

Thanks!I have got the right result.

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