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Point cloud generation

Sriram Lakshminarayana's picture

Hello, I'm new to OCCT framework.
I have my application that needs point clouds.
Can we use OCCT library or classes to read either IGES or STEP CAD file and generated surface point clouds, so that i can use that in my application.



Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Sure, OCCT may help you with that.
Frameworks supports reading STEP and IGES models, provides tools for fetching points from analythical surfaces, classifying if point is inside our outside boundaries, as well as triangulation algorithm.

Sriram Lakshminarayana's picture

I'm able to read STEP file using function "ReadSTEP()".

What API should i use to generate surface point cloud for the STEP file surface?

Can we use other than triangulation algorithm to generate surface points. If so, please provide the details.

I'm looking at creation of either Spiral, Radial or XY grid points.



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