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OCE-0.7.0 was released

Thomas Paviot's picture


OCE 0.7.0 has been released. This release is source and binary
compatible with OCE 0.6.0.
You can download sources from (.zip) (.tar.gz)

Here are changes since OCE 0.6.0:

* Updated build and install instructions
* Allow changing default values of MMGT_* variables
The following macros can be set when compiling to override
default settings:
* Allow building unversioned libraries :
Third-party applications which embed OCE may find convenient
to drop version numbers from libraries.
With this commit, one can call cmake -DOCE_NO_LIBRARY_VERSION=ON.
This is based on a similar feature found in VTK.
* Disabled the BSpline mesher, since it generates over-refined meshes.
The generic one will be used instead.
* Removed src/FontMFT/*.mft files
* More tests added : Step import and mesher
* Win32 specific changes :
- Install Debug and Release libraries into the same directory
- Automatically define WNT depending on compiler predefined macros
- Auto-install TBB dlls
- Export the target informations in Win32. This allows to find OCE from
cmake projects even win 32.
- Fixed mingw64 compilation

* Some additional GCC warning removals
* Other minor fixes

Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier,He Yuqi,Jerome Robert,QbProg,Thomas Paviot

Prebuilt binary packages will be uploaded soon at



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