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MinGW with OCC 5 under XP

Anonymous's picture


Some persons in this persons apparently succeed to use OCC 5 for windows/VC++ with MinGW.
I am trying to do the same, i downloaded and installed OCC 5.1 for windows and want to use it with MinGW.
What do I have to do? Do I need to recompile this version with MinGW or do I have to translate the LIB files to files using tool \"reimp\"?

I\'ve tried the last solution, just on TKernel.lib and TKCollection.lib, but during compilation i get parsing errors.

Thanks for your help.

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

Everything must be recompiled as the name mangling for C++ names are different between VC++ and MinGW.

MinGW supports most quirks that VC++ use so the closest guess is that you should use the same #defines as for VC++.


DELORME's picture

So I should recompile OCC for Windows.
But there are no makefiles, just VC workspaces and projects. How to compile it then with MinGW then? Do I have to translate projects into Makefiles? That's a big big work.

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

Yes I think that's what you have to do, but (I have not tried this) if you download the MSYS package from the MinGW website you get a unix like environment that does except configure, so if you have the configure script for OCC that may work with MSYS so you don't have to create all the make files on your own.


DELORME's picture

Like i told you, there are no configure scripts that comes with the OCC library for windows.
I have installed all MinGW tools(compilers, tcl/tk, MSYS, etc.), and i'm ready to compile, but have no input configure scripts.

If you already compiled OCC for windows with MinGW, can you tell how you did so?
Or maybe i have to compile the Unix/Linux version. But i don't think this is the thing to do.

Mikael Aronsson's picture

On sourceforge there is an old project to supply configure scripts to OCC.

The idea was that this would be integrated into later versions of OCC so that it would be easy to compile it on different gnu platforms, I guess they have not done that if there are no configure script in OCC 5 (I have never used it).


C R Johnson's picture

The autoconf script, based on Robert's project, is now the standard and supported way of building on Linux with OCC 5.1

I built it on Redhat 8 with gcc3 and had no trouble at all - If you don't count the warning messages and the 15 hour wait.

I havn't tried on Cygwin yet, but I think the problem will be setting the right defines to get the gcc3-isms to get along with the windows graphics. The base modules should not be a problem.

It is probably nearly the same situation with MinGW.

Jerome Robert's picture

I can confirm that OCC 5.1 compile with no trouble under redhat 9.0 (note that the "make install" seems to do not work properly).
I began to compile under Cygwin and I currently have a probleme in the OSD package.


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