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I need help compiler Opencadscade 6.1 with Borland C++ 6

migue's picture

I´m trying to convert dlls (opendc...) coff to oms with coff2oms (the format used in borland C++ is oms)for use in Builder but it doesn´t work,

Fotis Sioutis's picture

Propably you mean coff2omf :) ! Anyway ! In an ideal world of a common ABI(Application Binary Interface) between (compiler and linker) vendors you could use the vc compiled dll's with borland.Unfortunatelly this is not the case and every opencascade package needs compilation with bcc ! Anyway ... enough with theory ...

You can download OCC package for Borland from :

I hope the above will help !

Godd luck with your effort


PS::Search the forum a bit, you may find usefull links and information :)

zhang gongliang's picture


 I cann't find the OCC_63_Borland.7z.Can you send the OCC_63_Borland.7z for me?



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