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Export PNG without brown background

jj jj's picture

Hi all,

is there a way to export the object with a transparent background? Or at least change the brown to white.

Thanks alot!

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

V3d_View has methods defining background colors. Note that it is not actually brown, but black by default.
Concerning transparent background - there is no such thing in 3d viewer. However, if you use rgba format instead of rgb in v3d_view::topixmap method parameters, then you'll get something semitransparent

jj jj's picture

Hi Kirill! Thank you very much for your quick response. Could you be a bit more specific how i do that. I am not very experienced. Am I supposed to copy some code in the TLC console? Or can I change the standard parameters somewhere in the files of the program. (to white or transparent)?

Best regards

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Probably you should first describe in detail what are you actually using (name of software or framework, version, system, etc.)...

jj jj's picture

Dear Kirill,

sorry, I think I didnt mention what program I use. I was referring to CadRays to render some STEP files. The version is V1.0.0 and operating System is Windows 10. I want to get rid of the brownish background. Of course I can use Gimp or PS to do it manually, but the result is usually either bad or needs a lot of work to have a white or transparent background. Is there an easy way to change the background to white, or ideally having a transparent background?

Thanks a alot again. The software is really great and super simple to use!

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

CADRays is expected to be used with environment map in background for better results.
You can specify background color via standard Draw Harness command vbackground in Tcl console:

vbackground -color BLACK