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Can I use opencascade from within Qt application

sujan dasmahapatra's picture

Dear friends
Can I use opencasced from within my Qt-4 application ? I want better graphics rendering and take the help from opencascade.
What condfiguration may be I need to do so to compile successfully.
I am using the LINUX version.
Any help would be appreciated..

Dennis G.'s picture

Hello sujan,

there is a useful example in the directory $CASROOT/../samples/standard/qt/
You might want to take a look at the sources.



sujan dasmahapatra's picture

Thanks Dennis thanks for the information.

sujan dasmahapatra's picture

I have checked the example.Its compiling but when I am trying open a new application its crashing. There I can see the View is QWidget on that widget probably they're creating graphics.
In my case I already have a QGLWidget can I exploit graphics in that ?

Any help would be appreciated.

sujan dasmahapatra's picture

i am getting some errors even when i debug the sample opencascade.The sample after compilation is not working when i debug i am its crashing at this line.
when i am creating an instantiating Graphic3d_GraphicDevice
defaultdevice = new Graphic3d_GraphicDevice( aDisplay ); // here its crashing

static Handle(Graphic3d_GraphicDevice) defaultdevice;
if( defaultdevice.IsNull() )
defaultdevice = new Graphic3d_GraphicDevice( aDisplay ); // here its crashing
return new V3d_Viewer(defaultdevice,aName,aDomain,ViewSize,ViewProj,
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0000002a95685323 in Handle_Standard_Transient::EndScope ()
from /share/apps/OpenCASCADE6.3.0/Linux/lib/

I have included the lib as
LIBS += -L/share/apps/OpenCASCADE6.3.0/lib -lTKernel

Can anyone tell me whats going wrong in this ! Thanks

sujan dasmahapatra's picture

HI denis
I am able to compile the example sample given in qt folder. but when i am launching the application and starting new its crashing so i am trying to debug it using gdb debugger. but i am not able to debug. its howing the symbols not found.

I am doing like this
gdb ./Linux/bin/IESample
break DocumentCommon.cxx:29

its showing symbols not found.
Could u tell me whats going wrong. ?

Dennis G.'s picture

Sorry sujan,

I can't help you on that one.

Good Luck,


Vladimir's picture

After many attempts run examples I see, that it is not compiled for Linux because written for VC. I right?

Dennis G.'s picture

Hello Vladimir

the $CASROOT/../samples/standard/qt/-example should be platform independent. It compiled on my Slackware Linux box. Although I cannot remember if I needed to adapt the qmake file. The code itself works under Linux.


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