21 Aug 2019 Written by Anton Turchenko In

CAD Assistant v.1.3 released!

Open Cascade has released the newest version of CAD Assistant. It contains a number of new features and improvements that we'd like to tell our customers about.

23 Jul 2019 Written by Anton Turchenko In
Open Cascade reveals CADRays source code

Open Cascade reveals the source code of CADRays application under MIT license

Open Cascade makes CADRays source code available to others who would like to view the code, learn from it, share or modify it.

29 Dec 2018 Written by Sergey Slyadnev In

New features and improvements in CAD Processor

We are pleased to announce several updates and enhancements to our DMU simplification product, CAD Processor. The new version brings better robustness together with demanded new features.