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OpenGl_Material Struct Reference

OpenGL material definition. More...

#include <OpenGl_Workspace.hxx>

Public Member Functions

Standard_ShortReal Shine () const
Standard_ShortRealChangeShine ()
Standard_ShortReal Transparency () const
Standard_ShortRealChangeTransparency ()
void SetColor (const OpenGl_Vec4 &theColor)
 Set material color. More...
void Init (const Graphic3d_MaterialAspect &theProp, const Quantity_Color &theInteriorColor)
 Initialize material. More...
const OpenGl_Vec4Packed () const
 Returns packed (serialized) representation of material properties. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_Integer NbOfVec4 ()

Data Fields

OpenGl_Vec4 Ambient
 ambient reflection coefficient More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Diffuse
 diffuse reflection coefficient More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Specular
 glossy reflection coefficient More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Emission
 material emission More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Params
 extra packed parameters More...

Detailed Description

OpenGL material definition.

Member Function Documentation

Standard_ShortReal& OpenGl_Material::ChangeShine ( )
Standard_ShortReal& OpenGl_Material::ChangeTransparency ( )
void OpenGl_Material::Init ( const Graphic3d_MaterialAspect theProp,
const Quantity_Color theInteriorColor 

Initialize material.

static Standard_Integer OpenGl_Material::NbOfVec4 ( )
const OpenGl_Vec4* OpenGl_Material::Packed ( ) const

Returns packed (serialized) representation of material properties.

void OpenGl_Material::SetColor ( const OpenGl_Vec4 theColor)

Set material color.

Standard_ShortReal OpenGl_Material::Shine ( ) const
Standard_ShortReal OpenGl_Material::Transparency ( ) const

Field Documentation

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_Material::Ambient

ambient reflection coefficient

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_Material::Diffuse

diffuse reflection coefficient

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_Material::Emission

material emission

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_Material::Params

extra packed parameters

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_Material::Specular

glossy reflection coefficient

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