Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.1
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Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient Class Reference

#include <Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient (const Standard_Boolean withstarts)
void Add (const Handle< Transfer_Binder > &binder)
void Add (const Handle< Transfer_Binder > &binder, const Handle< Standard_Transient > &start)
void Filter (const Handle< TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient > &list, const Standard_Boolean keep=Standard_True)
Standard_Boolean HasStarting () const
const Handle< Standard_Transient > & Starting () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Transfer_TransferIterator
 Transfer_TransferIterator ()
 Creates an empty Iterator. More...
void AddItem (const Handle< Transfer_Binder > &atr)
 Adds a Binder to the iteration list (construction) More...
void SelectBinder (const Handle< Standard_Type > &atype, const Standard_Boolean keep)
 Selects Items on the Type of Binder : keep only Binders which are of a given Type (if keep is True) or reject only them (if keep is False) More...
void SelectResult (const Handle< Standard_Type > &atype, const Standard_Boolean keep)
 Selects Items on the Type of Result. Considers only Unique Results. Considers Dynamic Type for Transient Result, Static Type (the one given to define the Binder) else. More...
void SelectUnique (const Standard_Boolean keep)
 Select Items according Unicity : keep only Unique Results (if keep is True) or keep only Multiple Results (if keep is False) More...
void SelectItem (const Standard_Integer num, const Standard_Boolean keep)
 Selects/Unselect (according to <keep> an item designated by its rank <num> in the list Used by sub-classes which have specific criteria. More...
Standard_Integer Number () const
 Returns count of Binders to be iterated. More...
void Start ()
 Clears Iteration in progress, to allow it to be restarted. More...
Standard_Boolean More ()
 Returns True if there are other Items to iterate. More...
void Next ()
 Sets Iteration to the next Item. More...
const Handle< Transfer_Binder > & Value () const
 Returns the current Binder. More...
Standard_Boolean HasResult () const
 Returns True if current Item brings a Result, Transient (Handle) or not or Multiple. That is to say, if it corresponds to a normally acheived Transfer, Transient Result is read by specific TransientResult below. Other kind of Result must be read specifically from its Binder. More...
Standard_Boolean HasUniqueResult () const
 Returns True if Current Item has a Unique Result. More...
Handle< Standard_TypeResultType () const
 Returns the Type of the Result of the current Item, if Unique. If No Unique Result (Error Transfert or Multiple Result), returns a Null Handle The Type is : the Dynamic Type for a Transient Result, the Type defined by the Binder Class else. More...
Standard_Boolean HasTransientResult () const
 Returns True if the current Item has a Transient Unique Result (if yes, use TransientResult to get it) More...
const Handle< Standard_Transient > & TransientResult () const
 Returns the Transient Result of the current Item if there is (else, returns a null Handle) Supposes that Binding is done by a SimpleBinderOfTransient. More...
Transfer_StatusExec Status () const
 Returns Execution Status of current Binder Normal transfer corresponds to StatusDone. More...
Standard_Boolean HasFails () const
 Returns True if Fail Messages are recorded with the current Binder. They can then be read through Check (see below) More...
Standard_Boolean HasWarnings () const
 Returns True if Warning Messages are recorded with the current Binder. They can then be read through Check (see below) More...
const Handle< Interface_CheckCheck () const
 Returns Check associated to current Binder (in case of error, it brings Fail messages) (in case of warnings, it brings Warning messages) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Transfer_TransferIterator
Standard_Integer thecurr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient::Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient ( const Standard_Boolean  withstarts)

Member Function Documentation

void Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient::Add ( const Handle< Transfer_Binder > &  binder)
void Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient::Add ( const Handle< Transfer_Binder > &  binder,
const Handle< Standard_Transient > &  start 
void Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient::Filter ( const Handle< TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient > &  list,
const Standard_Boolean  keep = Standard_True 
Standard_Boolean Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient::HasStarting ( ) const
const Handle< Standard_Transient >& Transfer_IteratorOfProcessForTransient::Starting ( ) const

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