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Windows 7.3.0 binary distribution .cmake files contain absolute library paths

Petr Matousek's picture


I have installed windows VC10 binary of the OCCT version 7.3.0 in the directory C:\Program Files\OpenCASCADE-7.3.0-vc10-64

When compiling my application that is linked with the OCCT I receive errors about missing C:\occt-3rdparty\Windows-64-VC10\tbb_2017.0.100\lib\intel64\vc10\tbb.lib. I use the CMake to build my application. I have found that .cmake files in the $OCCT_ROOT\cmake contains several absolute file paths of this type:


See e.g. $OCCT_ROOT\cmake\OpenCASCADEModelingAlgorithmsTargets.cmake:62:

set_target_properties(TKTopAlgo PROPERTIES
  INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES "TKMath;TKernel;TKG2d;TKG3d;TKGeomBase;TKBRep;TKGeomAlgo;C:/occt-3rdparty/Windows-64-VC10/tbb_2017.0.100/lib/intel64/vc10/tbb.lib;C:/occt-3rdparty/Windows-64-VC10/tbb_2017.0.100/lib/intel64/vc10/tbbmalloc.lib"

Is not it a bug? I would expect that the files of the 3rd party libs are specified just by name and I can set the search path to the linker using a variable e.g. TBB_LIBRARY_PATH. The fix is obvious - I can edit the files and remove the absolute paths. I just wanted you know about the problem and can fix it.

This has changed compared to the 7.2.0 binary that contained this kind of absolute filenames too, but just for the Tcl/Tk libraries which did not break my application build.

Best regards, Petr

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