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When is the next public release planned?

Steven Diehl's picture

I'm just curious whether anyone knows when the next public release of OCC is planned, it's been a while...


Yuriy Sinithin's picture

I'm need this update too, because more free software, like GL2PS is updated after 6.3 was released.
We all need new version of OCC !

jelle's picture

I'm very curious too... surely some sort of planning would benefit developers working with OCC

Marco Nawijn's picture

+1 for me. I actually am hesitating to start OCC based long-term opensource projects due to the lack of visibility of the OCC organisation on the forum and silence with respect to plans for a new release. I am also still very interested in a response from the OCC organisation to thread



Forum supervisor's picture

Hello Community,

Thank you for your timed inputs.
We have been already working on the announcement of the new version, and this announcement will be published soon.

Forum supervisor

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

Thanks for your attention

I wish to be useful in workings out. My environment - Linux and Mac systems. My e-mail:

I will be glad to help everything with working out

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