Web3D Viewer

Step-up solution for bringing your CAD products to a website



Web3D Viewer is a package of software components for bringing CAD presentations to the web. It provides essential viewing and interactivity capabilities for short-time creating of 3D-rich web applications.

Focus on CAD, advanced rendering and extendable graphics

We have created Web3D Viewer for massive CAD and Point Cloud data (Point Cloud support is not included into the package). Advanced visualization capabilities, interaction, shape meta-information and link to source topology available out of the box - these are the keystones of the rendering solution. We take care of compatibility. Three.js renderer is also embedded to allow displaying custom actors thus you can re-use a lot of ideas and samples from the web for you project needs.

Compatibility with many end user devices

OPEN CASCADE Web3D Viewer complies with strong performance and usability requirements. It is compatible with both WebGL 1.0/2.0 and was tested to work on many end user devices and desktop browsers. Its user interface is adapted both for desktops and touch-screens.

Scene creation

Complex composition of products with custom display properties can be described using JSON-based format and loaded into a viewer. JavaScript API layer offers full subset of functions for scene scripting. Authoring a scene by moving and position objects, changing their display style, adding measurements and annotations is also available in interactive mode directly in the web browser.

Easy integration and API

User Interface package has been developed in the context of standard application cases and includes a wide set of features and configurable minimalistic layout. It can be easily inserted as an integral part of a web site. Custom scripts can control the viewer and renderer using JS API layer.

Self-included packaging

Software components are independent from any external servers or third-party web resources. Everything, including presentation data, can be hosted in your enterprise environment.

Main capacities

Advanced capacities

  •  Interactive selection and highlighting
  •  Performance optimizations
  •  Shading model
  •  clipping planes & real-time capping
  •  efficiency mobile battery use
  •  3D scene creation & edition
  •  Visualization & Manipulation
  •  Super-sampled anti-aliasing
  •  Context-dependent popup menu
  •  Measurements & Annotations
  •  Sectioning & exploding
  •  Undo/redo
  •  Snapshot
  •  Dynamic tooltips
  •  Multi-language support


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