Web3D Applications

Step-up solution for bringing your CAD products to a website


Component of industrial technology

OPEN CASCADE has developed industrial software components for creating powerful and modern Hybrid data applications (CAD together with Point Clouds) running in the web.

Core ideas were elaborated bearing in mind end-user needs, strong performance constraints and an aim to fit both big server-based CAD software and small client-side CAD applications.

An important requirement was to reach reusability plus modularity so that any valuable contribution made in scope of derived applications (CAD Server, Andy3D, etc.) becomes integrated into the core technology.

Web3D Viewer package is a subset of these components for viewing and interacting with CAD product data. It does not include any server backend and is explicitly focused on CAD viewer needs.

Web3D Platform

Web3D Viewer is a package of software components for bringing CAD presentations to the web. It provides essential viewing and interactivity capabilities for short-time creating of 3D-rich web applications.

Asset Revamping Web Platform

Visualize, Simulate and Operate an Industrial Asset. Simple, secure and interactive remote access to all your data: real-world scans, virtual digital 3D and asset / process information.


Please share your feedback with us and contact us if you have ideas on how to improve our applications or would like to use this technology and develop customized solutions for your needs.