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A way to store a color and material information into step file.

UlikeM's picture

Hi, folks.

i want to store informations of color/material into step file.

but step file format not seems to save the informations.

the procedure what i did is following.

firstly, i assigned material information into each part in assembly using CAD program (i used catia v5 and solidworks 2009) and then save it in step 203 file format. (*.stp)

when i open the step file in CAD program and other step viewer again, the information which i assigned is not found.

i'm looking for the ways to save/retrieve the informations of material into/from step file.

is there anyone can help me?

thanks in advance.

Pierre Juillard's picture

I am not really an expert CAD developper but I do know that STEP definition book is several hundred pages, and all is not necessarily fully implemented, and thus supported by the CAD software you are using.

A bit less worth, but more cunning, you may have to ask for specific licenses to get these functionalities in your favorite CAD system.

UlikeM's picture

Hi, yohplala.

Thanks for your comment.

So, you mean there is possibility of saving datas if i change the CAD program ?

thank you again.

Patrik Mueller's picture


try the 214 format. If I remember correctly 203 has no color/material informations.

Best regards,


UlikeM's picture

hi, Mueller.

i tried 214 already but has no use.

thank you for your reply.

UlikeM's picture

hi, Mueller.

i tried 214 already but has no use.

thank you for your reply.

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