Volume rendering and computed tomography support


OPEN CASCADE offers a proprietary volume rendering solution for real-time visualization of very large volumetric datasets sizing up to hundreds gigabytes or hundred billion voxels. Volumetric datasets are generated by computed tomography equipment in metrology, medicine and security. Dataset size is increasing continuously following higher precision of the equipment, and this requires visualization solution independent from the maximum dataset size.

The OPEN CASCADE volume rendering solution is integrated with Open CASCADE Technology 3D viewer and can be mixed with other types of 2D/3D objects in the same scene, like CAD models and meshes. The volume visualization includes standard rendering algorithms such as transfer function based volume rendering, iso-surface rendering, shading and arbitrary 2D slices. The solution can be adapted to nearly any desktop CPU and GPU resources thanks to flexible memory management and level-of-detail (LOD) settings.

CT dataset of a pen: courtesy of Werth Messtechnik GmbH


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