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Using the library with Visual Studio / Linux

tawfik boujeh's picture

Hi ,

I'm new opencascade and external libraries with c++ .

I've installed and built opencascade using cmake on windows was able to run the draw.exe file but then tried to use the library but can't figure why it tellls me unresolved dependancies after linking the lib files and the added the include libraries . I made sure i'm using x64 debugging mode .

After this i dual booted Linux and installed opencascade using cmake also . i installed all the third party libraries using apt , built it and was able to run the exe file . i can't figure out how to add the library to the global path so i wrote a script that says : g++ $1 -I $INCLUDE_PATH -L $LIB_PATH ; On this case i don't have compilation errors when importing header files and when compiling it was able to recognize the methods but i get lots of unresolved reference errors .

Help would be really appreciated .

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