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unit and tolerance issues in writing STEP format file

zhendan xue's picture

I used opencascade to generate a solid by sewing a bunch of faces together to get a enclosed volume. The construction is successful. I wrote that out into IGES and STEP but there was no luck. I spent two days on that then figured out the dimension of my solid geometry was too small. So I scaled my geometry up by 100 times, it worked!!

The strange thing is, the STEP file can be imported into ANSYS Workbench, proE and solidworks without any problems but in Abaqus, one of the four solids is still face geometry instead a solid! I am guessing different CAD system has different manipulation when reading STEP or iges file? Can I do something to make Abaqus happy?

Another weired thing is, if I scale my geometry up by 1000 times, it will not even generate solids as it's supposed to. I adjusted the SetTolerance a few times, but it seems not working.

Thank you very much for any suggestions!!

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