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Two OCAF questions

Simon Bulman's picture

Hi All,

I have two OCAF realated questions which I hope somebody is able to help me with.

The first is with regard to the OCAF sample provided. If I compile and run the example in MSVC++ I get a runtime exception. I believe the application is not able to find the resources. However if I simply double click on the .exe produced from the compilation in windows explorer the sample runs fine. Any ideas ?

My second question is more involved. If I want to import an IGES file and build an OCAF model inside my GUI what steps do I need to follow ? Would I have to build drivers to create representations of all entities that the IGES reader understands. This seems like a massive amount of work. Has this been done already ? If so is it avaliable to us mere mortals.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Kind regards


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