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TDocStd_Application::Close() crashes

Kar Heng Chan's picture


for some reason, TDocStd_Application::Close() crashes my program. not immediately though.

i looked at the ocaf example given, and made my own version. my own version is really in SDI mode and i'm only using one document. otherwise, almost everything is identical.

after start up, if i don't modify any data in the document but exit the application right away, the app crashes. if i close and reopen a new document, then exit, it doesn't crash. if i place data into the document then exit, it doesn't crash too. and if i exit the app without closing the document, it also doesn't crash. in all the cases, it crashes in TKERNEL.DLL.

i've not tried opening or saving files though.

this is info showed in the call stack from visual studio (if it's any help).

TKERNEL! 009065c8() TKCDF! 0304a2ac() FWOSPLUGIN! 05ef1bf9() FWOSPLUGIN! 05ef35bf() FWOSPLUGIN! 05ef3b95() NTDLL! 77f82247() NTDLL! 77f90ad4() KERNEL32! 77e8f382() doexit(int 0, int 0, int 0) line 392 exit(int 0) line 279 + 13 bytes WinMainCRTStartup() line 345 KERNEL32! 77e992a6()

anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance.


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