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Surfaces from Scattered Points

Meir Bar-Tal's picture

I have a need to reconstruct a solid from a cloud of points.
I only found small indication of that in the help:"
Open CASCADE can also provide a service known as Surfaces from Scattered Points (SSP). This allows to construct surfaces from scattered points. This algorithm accepts or constructs an initial B-Spline surface and looks for a its deformation (finite elements method) which would satisfy the constraints. Using optimized computation methods, this algorithm is able to construct a surface from more than 500 000 points."

Can anyone point to additional information other than that?
I've looked into the B-Spline material but it seems that this is only part of the algorithm and the FEM part is missing.
I found more in the web:
, but this is also general.

Where is the real stuff?

Examples would be most welcome.


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