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Surface or Face level colors in OpenCascade.

Vishwas Mane's picture


I am facing problem to get surface level colors in OpenCascade.

Here is the scenario;

I am trying to read STEP file with STEPCAFControl_Reader.
I am able to get number or all the colors available in a STEP file. Suppose i have 1 cube(STEP file) with all 6 faces with 6 different colors.
I able to get correct information about colors or color count with XCAFDoc_ColorTool.
When i traverse the step file with XCAFDoc_ShapeTool i get 1 body as TopoDS_Shape and when i get color of that body with XCAFDoc_ColorTool.

if (colorTool.GetColor(refShape, XCAFDoc_ColorType.XCAFDoc_ColorGen, ref col))
                                    colName = col.Name();
                                else if (colorTool.GetColor(refShape, XCAFDoc_ColorType.XCAFDoc_ColorSurf, ref col))
                                    colName = col.Name();

I get color of only one face (Inside else if (colorTool.GetColor(refShape, XCAFDoc_ColorType.XCAFDoc_ColorSurf, ref col))).

Now, i have 3 questions;

1. How do we know the TopoDS_Shape has surface level colors? &

2. How can we get surface level colors in a TopoDS_Shape?

3. Also i want to know how can i create a TopoDS_Shape(Single body) with multiple or differrent face level colors?

Thank you in advance.


Vishwas Mane's picture

Hello All,
Can anyone please at least suggest me a way to know if TopoDS_Shape has surface level colors or not.

Your time would be appreciated greatly in advance.