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STEPControl_Reader cuase ASSERT failed

liuhuiwei's picture

Hello everyone,my application use OCCT mfc,in Debug mode,using STEPControl_Reader to import STEP file,will cause Assert failed in file Standard_Type.cxx line 128.The OCCT 7.2.0 and 7.3.0 beta have this error.I test import IGES file also cause thie error.I complie OCCT with static code like this:

TopoDS_Shape aResShape;

Kernel_Utils::Localizer loc;

STEPControl_Reader aReader;

Interface_Static::SetCVal("xstep.cascade.unit", "M");

Interface_Static::SetIVal("read.step.ideas", 1);

Interface_Static::SetIVal("read.step.nonmanifold", 1);

std::string aNameExt;

BRep_Builder B;

TopoDS_Compound compound;





IFSelect_ReturnStatus status = aReader.ReadFile(aFileName.ToCString());

if (status == IFSelect_RetDone)




can anyone help me?thanks

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