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STEPControl_Reader access to single entity

Adriana Costas's picture


After reading the documentation of STEP processor, I understand that with this interface we can access directly to a specific entity of the STEP file and make a shape from it by this methods:

  • GiveList();
  • TransferOne();
  • TransferEntity();

Am I right?

In my case (using the assembly STEP attached), if I use the method GiveList I get a list of length 1, so it seems that the processor is only loading the assembly (root) but not its components. How can I access to the components of the assembly directly, by their instance names (#...)?

As for the other two methods, I don't understand very well how to use these them. What is the rank? Which type of entity I need to specify to produce a shape? Could you explain a bit more this point?

Your help is much appreciated.