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Hui-Haisang Chang's picture

To whom may know: I don't know what is standard_value.h. When I try to include into my program on Visual C++. I always get an error message that is .../inc/standard_values.h(34) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'values.h': No such file or directory. Should I delcare or know something before I use it? thank you.

Simon Bulman's picture

If you are running on Windows then you must define the preprocessor definition WNT in the vc++ project settings i.e. (taken from Standard_Values.h

# if defined(WNT) || defined(LIN)

# include "limits.h"

# define BITSPERBYTE CHAR_BIT # define BITS(type) (BITSPERBYTE * sizeof(type))

# else

# include "limits.h" # ifdef HPUX # undef MAXINT # endif # include "values.h"

# endif #endif

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