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qixianyu's picture

Dear all,
    I configure my development environment with occ6.9.1 successfully,
But when I debug it ,there is a problem and turn to  "

void Standard_Failure::Throw() const
  throw *this;
I found thir program have problem

"Handle(WNT_Window) aWNTWindow = new WNT_Window(GetSafeHwnd();

I am new to use opencascade and I can't sovle this problem ,please help me  thanks !!


Once's picture

Dear qixianyu:

     I think I met this problem once.  Maybe you have not properly set the environment variables in your program. Try to set the environment variable "CSF_ShadersDirectory" that represent the path of shader files in your computer, which is usually "$(OCCTROOT)/src/Shaders"

Best regards



junbin xu's picture

the problem is also as you said,thank you!

qixianyu's picture

Dear Once,

   I am new to use it ,and I don't understand how to set environment variable ,Could you please tell me more detail?

   Best regards,


Once's picture

Dear qixianyu:

    Try to read the overview document carefully. It contains the details of the environment variables. About how to set environment varibles, it's easy and you may find it on net. I suppose the reason of your problem is that you have not set the shader directory correctly, which I have mentioned in my last message. Wish you luck~

Once's picture

Dear qixianyu:

     The problem is easy, but I still spent a lot of time to find the reason before. If you still can not solve it, send a letter to the address and leave me your contact information to me. According to your user name, I wonder if you have a QQ number,^_^

Once's picture

     It seems that I am forbidden to leave my email address here. The problem is simple, but I still spent a lot of time to find the reason before. If you still can not solve the problem yourself, I don't know how to leave a contact information to you. As to your user name,  I wonder if you have a QQ number^_^

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Once,

In order to protect Forum from spam a pre-moderation mode is used.
Therefore all messages which contain links and mail addresses require explicit approval before publication.
It may explain you some delay with publication of your messages. I do hope that very soon we will update our Forum rules
to remove this unclear behavior.
Sorry for possible inconveniences.


Once's picture

Dear the supervisor:

     That's ok, I see you are a very responsible supervisor. Have a good day^_^


qixianyu's picture

Dear Once ,

 thanks a lot !

qixianyu's picture

 Dear superviosr ,

   Could you help me solve this problem? thanks



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