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source that works in Opencascade 6.8.0 + Qt4.8 + Qt5 + Linux

miquel's picture

I made some modifications to the Chend's example (nice good a simple example without MDI)
Now works in Linux (ubuntu 14.10) with this combinations
liboce-0.15-4 (I supose it's based on opencascade 6.7.1) +Qt 4.8
liboce-0.15-4 +Qt 5.3
opencascade 6.8.0 + +Qt 4.8
opencascade 6.8.0 + +Qt 5.3

please, edit .pro file to adapt your paths and then, open in qtcreator

I have liboce-0.15-4 (from ubuntu repositories) and opencascade 6.8.0 (in usr/local) in my computer.

I added to chen's example zoom (with mouse wheel) and rotation (with mid button) to test one thing.

Only two tings
1. with Qt5, rotation is slow...that means that something is missing and there is some interference between QT widget and OCC view.

2. vill be great add support to windows... I don't know if is possible with opencascade 6.8.0 work with the same code in linux and windows, without X windows view.