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Anonymous's picture

I saw "Open CASCADE Application Framework User's Guide 4.Standard Document Services".

4.2.1 Creating an application

ex) Handle(TDocStd_Application) app = new MyApplication_Application ();

4.2.2 Creationg a new document

ex) Handle (TDocStd_Document) doc;


4.2.3 Retriving the application to which the docment belongs.

ex) app= Handle(TDocStd_Application)::DownCast(doc->Application());

4.3.3 Saving the document

ex) app->SaveAs(doc,"/tmp/example.caf");

4.3.4 Opening the document from a file

ex) app->Open("/tmp/example.caf".doc);

These are contents in the book.

But I don't know where are positions of these syntax.(~doc,~view,~app, etc.)

What is MyApplication_Application?

And are these enough to save?

I use windowsNT and visual c++ 6.0, 02_1_SampleTopologyPrimitives(sample program).

And I have another question.

For example, I draw a box or cone.

I think that 'AIS_Shape' has the information of box.

Then, has AIS_Shape the information of the type(= box or cone)?

Because I want to change dimension of primitive later.

I'll wait your detail replies.

thank you.

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