SALOME Training

To improve your proficiency with SALOME faster, OPEN CASCADE provides user training courses.


Available courses

SALOME user training (starting level):

  • Introduction to SALOME (2 days)
    • Objectives: Get introduced to SALOME platform: create models, mesh, supervise calculations, post-process
  • Introduction to PARAVIS (post-processing module) (1 day)
    • Objectives: Use post-processing and calculation visualization services
  • Introduction to SALOME-MECA (SALOME-ASTER) (3 days)
    • Objectives: Get introduced to SALOME platform with integrated solver ASTER
    • Available Solver: ASTER (thermal mechanics)

SALOME user training (advanced level):

  • Training in Geometry – Mesh (preprocessing modules) (2 days)
    • Objectives: Use advanced mesh and modeling services
  • Use of SALOME-MECA (SALOME-ASTER) (2 days)
    • Objectives: Use a solver integrated in SALOME platform
    • Available Solver: ASTER (thermal mechanics)


Training ordered by the customer shall take place either at its own premises or at the premises of OPEN CASCADE in FRANCE. The exact dates and place of training can be set upon mutual agreement between the customer and OPEN CASCADE.


Training materials and exercises shall be in English and/or French. The instructor can provide training in English (or in French, if requested by the customer prior to submitting an order).

Training agreement

OPEN CASCADE is certified as an educational organization. The training agreement shall be prepared and submitted upon receipt of an order.


For more information and pricing please contact us.