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(SALOME) periodic mesh face of a cubic box VS pattern mapping

Wei's picture

Hello friends,

Really helpless about SALOME, whose GEOM/SMESH are based on OpenCascade. I have a question on how to generate periodic mesh of faces on cubic box, i.e. top-bottom, left-right, front-behind faces. I tried several methods in SMESH, but have not got a success yet, unless by manually adjusting nodal position, which must be very troublesome for a complex partitioned faces. If Abaqus/CAE, there is a functionality of "mapping mesh" to do such job. I wonder whether Open Cascade/Salome can achieve this by other ways.

I came across with "pattern mapping", but it only works for 2-d mesh? I checked all the examples available on Internet. I don't see any application of "pattern mapping" works for 3-d mesh or mesh refinement on 2-d faces of 3-d mesh. Could anyone please give an example on how to apply "pattern mapping" on the faces of 3-d object, without violating 3-d meshes associated with these faces, take tetrahedron as example?

Thank you very much for your suggestion.


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