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required "tcl.h" file for compilnig draw.dsp project

Pravin Mhatre's picture


1. I am compiling TKDraw.dsp in VC++ 6.0 . It requires tcl.h,this file is not present in the source code.

2. compiler ERROR message->>>>>> fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'tcl.h': No such file or directory Draw_GraphicCommands.cxx Draw_Viewer.cxx Draw_Window.cxx

Please let me know your suggestions.

Steven Diehl's picture

You have to install the Tcl/TK library, and add it to your path.


Pravin Mhatre's picture

hi steven,
Is this installables shipped with the OpenCASCADE source
please let me know the steps to install the tcl/tk library

Pravin Mhatre's picture

hi steven,
i have downloaded the & from web.
please let me know the further steps.

Steven Diehl's picture

I think for windows, I installed activetcl