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releasing hWnd used

Kar Heng Chan's picture


i'd just like to check if i'm releasing the hWnd i used correctly.

i constructed viewers, view and WNT_Window instances as is shown in most opencascade sample codes.

on closing a view, i want to release it correctly.

this is what i did:

Handle_V3d_View myview; {.. code to retrieve myview..} myview->Window()->Unmap(); myview->Window()->Clear(); myview->Window()->Destroy(); myview->Remove();

the codes above seem to release the hWnd instance used to create WNT_Window(), but when i create a new view and WNT_Window() instance using that same hWnd, nothing shows on the view. no exceptions or errors reported... (not that i checked for them..., they just didn't pop up)

anyone know what's wrong?

thanks in advance!



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