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Question regarding Dimensions

Markus Nickels's picture

I am still struggling with OpenCascade. Today I have got a question regarding the regeneration of a Dimension.

Imagine the following:

I have got a TopoDS Shape and a related AIS_Shape.

Then I generate an AIS_LengthDimension from one face to another one. Everything is displayed correctly. So far so good ...

Now I apply a translation to the TopoDS_Shape and I call AIS_Shape.Set(TopoDS_Shape) and AIS_Shape->Redisplay(). The shape is now displayed at its new position.

But how do I reposition the Dimension ?

I had a look at the sources and everything I see is, that the Compute methods do the computation, but the documentation says, that the user shall not call this methods directly. How can I do this ?


Markus Nickels's picture

I think I found the problem - but this does not help at all:

The problem is, that the referenced faces returned by AIS_LengthDimension.FirstShape() and AIS_LengthDimension.SecondShape() do not share the same location as the original faces in the TopoDS_Shape - in fact I do not know if they share the faces at all (the documentation says, that copying a TopoDS_Shape does not duplicate its shape data but generates a new location).

The question os now: How can I share the Location of two shapes ?

Has anybody played around with dimensions and has applied transformation to the underlying shapes ?

Kind regards


Francois Lauzon's picture

I think you will have to do a SetFirstShape and a SetSecondShape on your dimension with the translated shape.

Markus Nickels's picture

Thats true, but how to I get the translated shape ? As I said in my response to this topic: The stored shape does not reference to performed translation but shares only the underlying shape.


Francois Lauzon's picture

Use the shape you transform and assign to your AIS_Shape.

Markus Nickels's picture

Thats excactly what I do - but this does not change the position of my AIS_LengthDimension since this references two faces with the original location !


Francois Lauzon's picture

Maybe were are not talking about the same thing?
I'm talking of something like this:

// transform your shape
gp_Trsf yourTransform;
BRepBuilderAPI_Transform trsf(yourTransform);
TopoDS_Shape trsfShape1=trsf.Shape();
TopoDS_Shape trsfShape2=trsf.Shape();

// reassign the shape


So the shapes in the AIS_Shape and in the AIS_LengthDimension have to be the same...

Markus Nickels's picture

Ok, I have checked your code and it works. Thanks for that.

Unfortunately it doesn't help a lot, since a get the two shapes from the AIS_InterActiveContext::SelectedShape() which returns a TopoDS_Shape and not a TopoDS_Shape &
, so I haven't got the original shapes ! Additionally the shapes are loaded from an Iges file, so I haven't got them in memory directly (as in the example above).

So the basic question is: How can I get a reference to the original shapes from an interactive selection ?

Any suggestions ?


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