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question about a shape continuity

Amine's picture


i got a solid, and i'd like to determine all the faces that are C2. so i do like that :

declare my_vector_of_faces_that_are_C2

TopExp_Explorer Ex(monSolide, TopAbs_FACE);
TopoDS_Face F;
Handle(Geom_Surface) S;

F = TopoDS::Face(Ex.Current());
S = BRep_Tool::Surface(F);
(S->Continuity() == GeomAbs_C2) ? my_vector_of_faces_that_are_C2.Add(F);


the solid itself contains many cylindrical and spherical parts, i designed it like this, but the problem is, the code before only detect 2 faces (and i have about 12 faces of C2), furthermore, those faces detected are symmetrical (i don't know if this helps or not..)

anyone do have an explanation about that ? i'm asking so before looking in the code of shape continuity detection !

thanks ..