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QT 3.3.3

Nikolay Korneychuk's picture

Can anyone help me to get QT version 2.0.3 or 3.3.3 as mentioned in OpenCASCADE documentation for demo programs? There are only minor and major versions on the ftp server of Trolltech.

Tim Mooring's picture

Have you considered using fltk? I don't like so many compatibility libraries and the standard yum version of fl compiles and builds w/o version conflict.

Nikolay Korneychuk's picture

Thank you. I'm in considering process now and have not any preferences. Fltk look ok at first glance and I plan to try it, but now I need QT for compile and explore examples supplied by OCC.

Tim Mooring's picture

I was thinking of the OCAFBrowser, which has both qt and fl sources.
You're likely trying to build the samples/standard/qt demo. You didn't say what platform you're on, but all the qt stuff is at I've found building qt from sources not a trivial task. Redhat offers both qt-3.3 and qt4 via yum.

Nikolay Korneychuk's picture

Thank you once more. I have Windows XP. There are lot of qt 3.3 for linux, but not fow Win. Qt 4 do not link as explined in docs.


Sharjith Naramparambath's picture

Which OS are you using?
If it is Windows, No way for Qt 3.x version. You can only get Qt4.x from trolltech.

N. Sharjith

Nikolay Korneychuk's picture

Thank you. Is not encouriging ansver, alas... Exactly Windows have I.

Sharjith Naramparambath's picture

One thing can give you the Qt3 library for win32. That is the purchase of the book "C++ GUI Programming with QT3 -- Publication: Pearson, Author Jasmin Blanchette. It comes with a cd that contains the Qt3 library and some compiler tools etc.

You can refer the following links:,3110,0131240722,00.html

Hope this is encouraging!

Thanks and Regards,
N. Sharjith

Stefan Boeykens's picture

You might want to try
They used the GPL version of Qt/X11 and patched it to include support for Windows systems. I have used the latest release Qt3.3.x-p8, which works fine in XP using Visual C++ 2005.

I also have the book that is mentioned (C++ GUI Programming with Qt3) which comes with Qt 3.2.1 Non-Commercial for Windows. However, while it works fine for VC++6.0 and VC++.NET (2002/2003 and 2005), it comes without sources and the Visual Studio integration only works for older versions of Visual Studio. It is a rather dated version, but is usable.

The book above can be found online for free (e.g. and is still recommended reading if you are new to Qt.

Sharjith Naramparambath's picture

Hi Stefan,
I purchased the same book here in India but the Eastern Economy Edition available here does not provide a CD though the back cover mentions the contents of the CD. I have tried it all over India to get the edition with Cd but in vain. Would you mind mailing me the CD content (qt setup only) to or make it available from come of your web hosting? I would be obliged!

Thanks in advance

N. Sharjith

Stefan Boeykens's picture

The Book comes with the 3.2.1. release, not the 3.3.3 version. The Open Source version on the QTWin website is much more up to date and freely available for download.

There was a (short) time when you could download the actual CD contents from the Safari Books website, but they removed it after a while.

I don't see a need for this particular version, as it is dated and misses the sources. The patched Open Source version works OK. Try this first, to see how it works out for you.

Sharjith Naramparambath's picture

I have indeed tried using the patch version from the QTWin website right from the installer version to the source version. Every new release they put, I have tried it. The biggest problem that is unsolved since many versions is that you cannot use QGLWidget on the MDI window. The OpenGL View remains detached to the child window. The OpenGL view is attached in the top left corner of the main window. When you move the child window in the cascaded mode the view remains stuck to the main window and only the child window moves and eventually the application crashes. Although this is not applicable for open cascade, I also create pure OpenGL applications. Thanks for your information.

N. Sharjith

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