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project point on curve

Dean's picture

hi guys,

I am tring to project a point to a curve; however, the location of the points is not correctly showed on the screen...(the curve is correctly showed).

TopoDS_Shape tmpShape=EdgeOfWire1->Value(1);
TopoDS_Edge tmpEdge=TopoDS::Edge(tmpShape);
Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve intCC(tmpCurve, myCurve,Tol);

if (intCC.NbPoints()>0)
Geom2dAPI_ProjectPointOnCurve p1(tmpPArray->Value(1),tmpCurve);
gp_Pnt2d p11=p1.Point(1);
gp_Pnt paa(p11.X(),p11.Y(),0);
TopoDS_Vertex gg=BRepBuilderAPI_MakeVertex(paa);

thanks for your help!