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Procedure entry point not found

Adorjáni Alpár's picture

Hi all,

Please help me on the following mistake, cause I haven't found a good solution all around the web.

I have built the newest releases of opencascade succesfully, but using by our application it alwasy says that the "Procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic library" using versions occ 6.9, 7.0, and 7.1 too.

The dependency walker shows that these problems persist by the following methods:

  • mathFunctionWithDerivative::~mathFunctionWithDerivative
  • BRepLib_Command::~BRepLib_Command()
  • Adaptor3d_Curve::~Adaptor3d_Curve()

Note that the sample programs can be run without this error. However our Application contains not only a single executable but also has additional dlls which have also dependency to the related opencascade dlls (TKMath, TKG3d, TKTopAlgo).

Where could be the problem? I have tried to build with Visual Studio 2010. Perhaps happens by this fact, being that some colleagues have successfully adapted it on VS 2013?

Thanks in advance,

Adorjáni Alpár