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Problems in building WOK on SunOS

Denis Teissandier's picture

I supposed I have to execute the following shell in order to build WOK :

csh -f WOK.COMP

There is no information about it in the README file.

The 2 first lines of file WOK.COMP in $CASROOT/adm/SunOS are the following :

csh -f TKWOK.comp csh -f TKWOKTcl.comp

The files TKWOK.comp and TKWOKTcl.comp are NOT in the distribution.

So how is it possible to build WOK on SunOS ?

Robert Boehne's picture

I think this is just an oversight, you can get these two scripts from another platform's directory, then edit it to use SunOS commands. I have also checked the CVS repository for these two files, and they seem to have been removed.

boreas::/boreas/CAS3.0/adm/SunOS (83)% cvs status TKWOK.comp
cvs server: nothing known about TKWOK.comp
File: no file TKWOK.comp           Status: Unknown

Working revision: No entry for TKWOK.comp
Repository revision: No revision control file

Perhaps someone at Matra could look into this?

Denis Teissandier's picture

Ok but each file needed by TKWOK.comp and TLWOKtcl.comp is not in the distribution.

There is really a big problem in the distribution !!!

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