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A problem with destroy() of ~TColGeom_Array2OfBezierSurface()

xia's picture

I'm blocked by a problem of deleting a array of BezierSurface. I was in the mode debug, the code are the following:

TColGeom_Array2OfBezierSurface tabSurf(1,nbvS,1,1);

///////////set values
Geom_BezierSurface BZ(array);

Geom_BezierSurface BZP1(array);

Geom_BezierSurface BZP2(array);
.......//here i set all the values of the array
.......//end of set values
GeomConvert_CompBezierSurfacesToBSplineSurface BB (tabSurf);

Geom_BSplineSurface BSPLSURF
( BB.Poles()->Array1(),BB.UKnots()->Array(), BB.VKnots()->Array1(),BB.UMultiplicities()->Array1(),BB.VMultiplicities()->Array1(),BB.UDegree(), BB.VDegree()) ;

return BSPLSURF;
//////end of the methode.
i was in the mode debug, and i found the error lies in the following function Destroy() which was called at the end of the methode: return BSPLSURF;

Destroy(); //here the error occured!!!!!!!

The debug told me : First-chance exception in Geometry.exe (NTDLL.DLL): 0xC0000008: Invalide Handle.
I don't know if it's my problem or a bug of opencascade, why i can't destroy the array "tabSurf" after use it.
Please help me!!!!! urgent

xia's picture

does anyone has some ideals?

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