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Probems when umake of WOK in Linux

Taketoshi Kasahara's picture

Hello. When we excuted the "umake"command, it stopped at the step of ''. When we checked the program, we found out that it entered the wait condition at status=system(cmd_line); of OSD_FileNode::Copy().

We retryed using two OSs and Tcls but the result was same.


(1).LASER5 Linux 6.0 Rel2 (Kernel 2.2.5, glibc 2.1.1, Red Hat Linux 6.0 based) (2).Red Hat Linux 6.2J (Kernel 2.2.14, glic 2.1.3)


(1). 8.0.5 (2). 8.2.3

Please help me?


% tclsh

tclsh> wokcd C30:C30:FC

:C30:C30:FC> ucreate -p Standard

:C30:C30:FC> wokcd Standard

:C30:C30:FC:Standard> eval file copy [glob /tmp/CAS3.0/src/Standard/*] .

:C30:C30:FC:Standard> umake -f

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