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Private/Public TCollection copy method

Grant Cook Jr.'s picture

The use of the 'private' specification for one of the copy initialization methods in TCollection is confusing (line 124 of TCollection/TCollection_Array1.cdl for instance), particularly in view of the math_Vector class commenting out the corresponding 'private' declaration in its specification (math/math_Vector.cdl line 74 and following). What is the purpose of this one method being declared 'private'? The difficulties that I am having relate to embedding complex data structures (involving various kinds of TCollection objects) within one another. For instance, Array1-type objects within Sequence-type objects within Array1-type objects fails. The 'private' copying method is always encountered in compiling such situations, and at that point, compilation fails.

Any suggestions on how to avoid these problems?

Another curious point for me is the math_Vector declaration being completely 'public' while the math_IntegerVector class has the 'private' copying method still enabled like the TCollection objects. Is there any danger to OpenCascade in making the math_IntegerVector class completely public like the math_Vector class?

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