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Primitive (Triangles) does not appear on AIS Context

Abdoulaye Ndiongue's picture


I am trying to display triangles () on a created AIS Context and still cannot see the rendering unfortunately. here is how I implemented the Graphic3d_Group:

// Graphic 3D Environment Settings

StructMng = gcnew NCollection_Haft<Handle(Graphic3d_StructureManager)>(myAISContext()->MainPrsMgr()->StructureManager());

aPresentation = gcnew NCollection_Haft<Handle(Prs3d_Presentation)>(new Prs3d_Presentation(StructMng()));

aGroup = gcnew NCollection_Haft<Handle(Graphic3d_Group)>(Prs3d_Root::CurrentGroup(aPresentation())); 

Handle(Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles) myArray = ......;






Manon Jubert's picture


to display triangles in AIS Context you can use this structure :

MeshVS_Mesh mesh;



AIS_Triangulation tri; 


AIS_Context is use to display Object with the type AIS_InteractiveObject.

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