Powerful 3D Apps for Industry 4.0

Interactive 3D for Your Downstream Processes


Simple, lightweight, performant

Our technology enables fast mobile use of 3D DMU with all associated data and provides the power of exact 3D measurements.

Go Digital and Drawingless

Reduce overall time of engineering and the shop floor – replace 2D drawings with intuitive and interactive 3D access to exact information.

Customization is key

Optimization and performance of quality inspection actions is boosted when customized functionality reflects the production process.


Design Reviews, Drawingless Shopfloor, Trainings, etc.

  •  Simple mobile applications
  •  use of existing 3D DMU
  •  end-to-end continuity


Main capacities

Advanced capacities

  •  Performant mobile 3D technology
  •  Exact 3D data and measurements
  •  Intuitive touch-screen interface
  •  Customization for client processes
  •  High perf. at affordable cost
  •  Independence from CAD suppliers
  •  Work with existing 3D DMU (multi-formats)
  •  High perf. 3D visualization of big models
  •  Measurements, annotations, PMI, saved views
  •  Searching and filtering capacities
  •  Metadata and feedback loop to engineering
  •  Extensible with 3D modeling and simulation
  •  End-to-end integration with existing env.


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