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port application to Borland

Christophe Abel's picture

I have now totally port my application on CodeGear 2007(C++) with Fiotis SOUTIS code.
all seems to work as well as on Visual.
Thanks to him for this great works

Christophe ABEL

bin's picture

Can you share some simple examples for demo? It's tough for beginner to write first project. Hope more guys can join this wonderful community.

Fotis Sioutis's picture

Hello Bin !!

You can download the latest package for BDS ( occ 6.2 ) and you can find in the samples folder the MakeBottle example and a small demo application that creates primitives.In the BCB 6 package that you have there are no samples.It is not so difficult to port the samples from BDS to Builder 6.

Many greetings !


bin's picture

Hello Fotis!

The link does not work, who can provide a BDS(occ6.2) location for me?


Fotis Sioutis's picture

A direct link to download the package is :



bin's picture

Thank Fotis, I've got the OCC Borland.rar, When I port the demo to CBuilder6, I can do build exe, but the demo can't run, because the two versions have difference in Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice class, that always cause "new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice()" fail.

Fotis Sioutis's picture

As long as i can remember , i had no issues on the occ 6.1 for bcb 6 creating the Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice and other Visualization objects.You may have to check the following :

a)Environment variables settings
b)Executable startup code concerning math error handlers and FPU programming (check the forum).

If both of the above is not the case , then unfortunatelly i cannot help much since i dropped bcb6 and occ 6.1 for some time now.Another question is , why don't you upgrade to BDS 10 or higher , since the "Explorer edition" can be obtained for free and gives you almost the same capabilities (plus a new and better compiler, plus new VCL objects ) ?

With owner

Sioutis Fotis

zhang gongliang's picture


Can you send the OCC Borland.rar to me?I need it,but I cann't find it everywhere.



lqw.1001's picture

Do you try make an OCAF project with OCC for Borland. Now I have some trouble doing it.

Fotis Sioutis's picture

Can you be more specific ?
So far, i have tried most of the features OCAF offers, and had no problem at all...

lqw.1001's picture

Maybe I have made some mistake, I will try again.

lqw.1001's picture

All problems have been done.
Thanks you for your effort.

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