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Filippo Bottega's picture

I'm trying to expose OpenCascade classes using ATL 3.0 and Visual C++ 6.0.
This may be useful to use OpenCascade under VisualBasic.
I'm exposing OpenCascade Classes in a flat way: 1 class in c++ is exposed as 1 class in COM and all methods and functions are mirrored. This way is useful for VisualBasic users because they can use OpenCascade Help documents to understand COM classes. I know that performance may be not the best but now this is not a problem for me.
If you want you can write me for suggestions.


mactang's picture

I want this project to study,can you send me ?

Johannis Likos's picture

COM interface is extremely important for the migration of existing VBA macros from other CAD environments to OpenCascade-based CAD applications. Also OLE interface for C++ add-ins is important. I encourage to prepare an API Help documentation in order to attract more engineers, who may develop macros and add-ins.